Mindray TE7: simple, smart and focused


To meet the increasing demand for greater performance in Point-of-Care (POC), Mindray rolles out the TE7 touch-screen ultrasound system. Powered by the innovative technologies and ergonomic design, Mindray TE7 is always ready for providing multiple solutions in POC application.

TE7’s voyage across the world

Since making its global debut, TE7 has continuously gained its achievement across all the continents. Providing a wide range of solutions in emergency medicine, anesthesia, critical care and musculoskeletal bedside examinations, TE7 is widely adopted in renowned hospitals for its excellent performance.




Emergency Department, Hennepin County Medical Center, USA




ICU, Biceter university hospital, France





Anesthesia Department, BG University Hospital, Germany


What lifts TE7’s global sailing?

Intuitive user interface provides easy operation

The TE7 streamlines the scanning process with an intuitive gesture-enabled screen. A simple selection of focused exam presets and relevant functions contribute to a highly efficient scanning experience.


Touch Enabled Response
Fingertip operation even with gel covered gloves, provides simple control and setting optimization.





Touch-screen Gestures
Tap to open or close functions
and swipe to expand the image require your fingertip only.






Touch Wake Up
3 seconds is only needed to boot up the system from standby status by one touch.





Quality image to improve diagnostic confidence

Equipped with efficient features including iNeedle™, Smart Track™ and iTouch™, TE7 realizes the simplified workflow while providing superior and quality imaging. Benefiting from the rapid obtained and optimized image, TE7 is able to improve diagnostic confidence in daily clinical application.

Advanced needle visualization allows the needle increased visibility even during steep-angled procedures.

Smart Track
By continuously tracking the color flow, it optimizes the best color box position and angle in real time scanning.

It could make efficient image optimization  by  adjusting images modes automatically.

Ergonomic design in every detail

As a tablet-based ultrasound system, TE7 offers the versatility to support the POC environment. The seamless and non-porous touch screen is easily disinfected, secured with a screen-locking feature for cleaning during an exam.







Designed to enhance diagnostic confidence in POC environment, TE7’s superior image quality provides clinicians with accuracy and simplicity they need for fast, real-time decision-making. While you are there to ensure every patient receives the best care every moment during their stay, we are there to make sure advanced medical technology is always ready at your hand whenever needed.

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